SaniSchutz Surface Sanitizer


Antibacterial and virucidal surface disinfectant cleaner suitable for all waterproof surfaces, for the application in healthcare, trade, hair dressers, daycare centres and schools, as well as in private/domestic homes.

 Ready-to-use solution 

Ideal for spray bottles or pouring

Suitable for disinfecting all non-porous, hard and water proof surfaces and objects

For walls, floors, tables, chairs, sinks, doors, handles, door knobs, car interiors etc.

 Effective against bacteria, fungus, algae and enveloped viruses such as COVID-19

 Also suitable for conductive surfaces

 Official BAuA Registration-No. N-90280N-90882


Product Description

SaniSchutz Surface Sanitizer for all water-proof surfaces, for use in commercial and household areas, especially in medical areas.

Ready-to-use solution based on quaternary ammonium compounds.

Acts effectively as anti-bacterial, fungicidal, and virucidal.

Suitable for conductive surfaces.

Area of Application:

For use in commercial and household areas, especially in the area of public health services, as well as in food and animal fodder areas (BAuA-Registration-Nr. N-90882)

Suitable for the wiped disinfection of non-porous, hard, washable (water-proof) surfaces and objects (walls, tables, chairs, wash-basins,etc.) in hospitals, medical practices, public institutions (school, sports facilities, swimming pools) and in areas of food production and processing.

 Corona Guide

Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

  • Use biocides safely.
  • Before use always read the label and product information!
  • For all areas of application, the read-to-use solution is sprayed onto the surfaces and wiped wet.
  • Make sure that the entire area is moistened.
  • The prescribed contact time of 15 minutes must be observed


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Surface Sanitizer

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