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  • SaniSchutz Surface Sanitizer


    Antibacterial and virucidal surface disinfectant cleaner suitable for all waterproof surfaces, for the application in healthcare, trade, hair dressers, daycare centres and schools, as well as in private/domestic homes.

     Ready-to-use solution 

    Ideal for spray bottles or pouring

    Suitable for disinfecting all non-porous, hard and water proof surfaces and objects

    For walls, floors, tables, chairs, sinks, doors, handles, door knobs, car interiors etc.

     Effective against bacteria, fungus, algae and enveloped viruses such as COVID-19

     Also suitable for conductive surfaces

     Official BAuA Registration-No. N-90280N-90882

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    SaniSchutz Surface Sanitizer

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  • Disinfectant Cleaner C


    Liquid disinfectant concentrate, for the antiseptic wiping of floors and hard water proof surfaces. Tested according to the German standard methods of DGHM/VAH.

    Kills bacteria, fungus, algae and viruses, such as COVID-19

     For use in hospitals, care homes and other medical facilities

     Suitable for disinfecting all non-porous, hard and water proof surfaces, as well as objects, such as walls, tables, chairs, sinks, doors and door knobs, car interiors etc.

     Official BAuA Registration-No. N-89793

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