Stone Care


Concentrated cleaner for the removal of dirt, grime, grease and other micro-organisms on stone and tile floors as well as kitchen surfaces.

 Especially for kitchen and bathrooms

 Removes dirt, grime, grease and slows down regrowth

 High coverage: Up to 1000m2/L


Recommended use

For the routine cleaning of natural and artificial stone floors as well as kitchen surfaces (marble, granite, clinker, slate, terracotta, terrazzo) – for both glazed and non-glazed tiles. Also suitable for the general cleaning of exterior stonework, brick walls, masonry, gravestones and garden ornaments, steps, drives, paths, patios, concrete and monuments.

Daily cleaning of floors

  1. Dilute Stone Care in a ratio of 1 : 400 (10 ml into 4 litres of water) and clean the floor using a clean mop.
  2. Leave the remaining moisture to dry naturally.

Weekly cleaning of kitchen surfaces

  1. Dilute Stone Care in a ratio of 1 : 400 (5 ml into 2 litres of water) and clean the kitchen counter top using a lint-free cloth.

Coverage: Up to 1000m2/L


Stone Care

  • Regular buffing will increase the wear resistance of the protective film. Over dosage or too much moisture may lead to less slip resistance of the surface.


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Stone Care

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