Special bonding primer for protecting ceramic tiles and stone floors as well as glass and metal surfaces before coating with a permanent PU sealer. The protective film becomes unbreakable. Solvent-free and easy to use.

Uniquely bonds permanent sealers to stone and tiled floors

Sealer coating will not break, peel, flake or blister

 Economical and reliable solution without forming a film

Recommended use

For use on all kinds of stone surfaces such as marble and granite, as well as ceramic tiles, glass and metal surfaces to subsequently and professionally protected with a permanent sealer.


  1. Prior to application, ensure the surface is thoroughly clean and dry, free from dust, grease, oil, wax and care product residues and finishes – this process is most effective when applying Turbo Strip with the grey PU renovation pad.

Super bonding

  1. Apply SuperBond thinly and evenly onto the properly strip-cleaned and dry surface with a clean polish applicator or with the Aquatop Roller, at a minimum temperature of 15°C. Ensure the entire area is moistened with a closed, wet film.
  2. Allow the surface to completely dry, especially in the areas of joints, for at least 1 hour before immediately sealing with a protective PU coating.

Coverage: 30-50m2/L

Subsequent permanent sealing

  1. Apply PU Sealer, PU Anticolor or Super PU 100 using the Aquatop Roller following the application guide for the respective product.
  2. Allow the surface to dry for at least 12 hours.

With newly laid, non-absorbent flooring types, one application is enough as a rule, although a second application increases the level of protection. A second application is necessary however in the case of linoleum and other absorbent floor coverings.

 Guaranteed for years, reduced maintenance

The sheen of PU Sealer (Gloss, Satin, Matt, Ultra Matt) does not diminish with time and does not need to be polished, waxed or stripped at any time in order to maintain. Simply clean the surface using PU Cleaner with an auto-scrubber or damp mop to ensure the surface remains clean.

 A safe, hygienic and stain resistant protective layer

The finish is economical in use and friendly to the environment whilst the surface is resistant to chemicals and plasticisers including hand sanitisers and disinfectants.

 Improves the overall appearance and makes a good impression

Guaranteed 6 times higher long-term protection for the surface against friction damage and scratches, proven to extend the lifetime of floor use in comparison to conventional sealers.

 3-year warranty if professionally applied

Please contact us with a view to arrange an assessment and consultation based on your requirements.


Super Bond

  • Remnants of cement, separating agents and loose particles must be completely removed before priming.
  • The surface to be primed must be entirely free of dirt and organic adhesions (e.g. lacquer, care products, cleaning agents, fat, wax). For this purpose clean thoroughly with Turbo Strip and rinse carefully with clear water afterwards.
  • Floor and material temperature must not fall below 15°C during application and drying time.
  • It is essential to check that drying is complete, especially in the area of joints, before applying the subsequent sealer coating – which must take place as soon as the surface has completely dried. An extended period between drying and sealing reduces the surface bonding.
  • Low temperatures, high humidity and poor ventilation can prolong the drying time.

Care Instructions by Floor Type


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Super Bond

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