Effective cleaning agent for quick and simple daily cleaning of all hard floors. Binds loose dust and cleans without leaving a residue. The flooring dries completely and can be walked on within a very short period of time.

Fast drying capabilities 

Quick and easy to use

Especially for laminate floors (covered by standard EN 13329)

Cleans loose dust and dirt without leaving a residue


Recommended use

Can be used on all hard floors, such as PVC & LVT, linoleum, stone floors and all types of wood, cork and laminate floors. Especially suited for laminate flooring (covered by standard EN 13329).

Routine cleaning solution:

Evenly spray the cleaning agent onto the floor without allowing the surface to become too wet and simply wipe over the floor with a clean mop.

Spray mop solution:

For even easier application, use with a Spray Mop by pouring the contents of Spraymax into the container and operate the spray-lever to slightly moisten the floor and remove dust and fine particles of dirt.

 Coverage: 100-120m2


  • Before using, test the floor covering at an inconspicuous spot for material suitability.
  • Do not inhale the spray.
  • For moisture sensitive floors, it is strongly recommended and beneficial to use the spray mop solution to only slightly moisten the floor whilst cleaning.
  • Clean the floor working in sections of a maximum of 5 square metres at a time.
  • Rinse out the mop upon completion of work or if it becomes very soiled during the cleaning operation.
  • Spraymax should be stored in a cool, dry place in its closed original container. Keep locked up and out of the reach of children.

Manufacturer Care Instructions


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