PU Sealer


Extremely hard wearing, two part polyurethane-based super sealer providing a clear coating with excellent elasticity and high resistance to chemicals for years of protection on all types of resilient and resin floors in any commercial environment.

Save money by restoring and improving floors instead of replacing

Optimum retention of value due to indestructible protection

Eliminates the need to wax, strip or polish floors, ever again

Holds an official certificate for use in the food industry

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Recommended use

To extremely increase the wear and chemical resistance of floors, make attractive, safe and easily maintainable without ever having to replace the floor. Recommended on all types resilient surfaces such as PVC, linoleum and rubber floorings with a plain or slightly structured surface in commercial environments such as healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, car dealerships, sports, leisure, hairdressers and many more.


  1. Prior to application, ensure the surface is thoroughly and mechanically clean and dry, free from dust, grease, oil, wax and care product residues and finishes – this process is most effective when applying Turbo Strip with the grey PU renovation pad.
  2. Shake both PU sealer and the cross linker well and add the cross linker to the PU Sealer canister and thoroughly mix both components by shaking thoroughly.

Initial protection

  1. Apply the mixture evenly over the floor using the Aquatop Roller, working in sections of a maximum of 1 metre at a time to avoid the formation of pools.
  2. Allow the surface to dry for at least 2 hours before walking on the floor with caution.

With newly laid, non-absorbent flooring types, one application is enough as a rule, although a second application increases the level of protection. A second application is necessary however in the case of linoleum and other absorbent floor coverings.

Coverage: 20m2/L per application

Restoration and repairs

  1. Treat the floor surface with a silver PU Pad to remove any remaining shine before application to ensure a clear transition.
  2. Apply two applications of PU Sealer using the Aquatop Roller, allowing at least 2 hours drying between.
  3. The floor can be used with care after 12 hours and will perform maximum protection after 7 days.

 Guaranteed for years, reduced maintenance

The sheen of PU Sealer (Gloss, Satin, Matt, Ultra Matt) does not diminish with time and does not need to be polished, waxed or stripped at any time in order to maintain. Simply clean the surface using PU Cleaner with an auto-scrubber or damp mop to ensure the surface remains clean.

 A safe, hygienic and stain resistant protective layer

The finish is economical in use and friendly to the environment whilst the surface is resistant to chemicals and plasticisers including hand sanitisers and disinfectants.

 Improves the overall appearance and makes a good impression

Guaranteed 6 times higher long-term protection for the surface against friction damage and scratches, proven to extend the lifetime of floor use in comparison to conventional sealers.

 3-year warranty when professionally applied

Please contact us with a view to arrange an assessment and consultation based on your requirements.


PU Sealer

  • In the case of linoleum and other floor qualities with a removable factory protective finish, this must be removed completely before applying PU Sealer.
  • PU Sealer and the cross linker, once mixed, are suitable for use for approx. 4 hours at the working temperature of 15-25°C. For this reason, only mix the quantity of sealer that can be processed within this period of time. Where sealer and cross linker are subjected to higher temperatures, the working time is reduced considerably. In case of cold components, the mixing procedure cannot be performed with sufficient thoroughness. Do not tightly seal the canister containing ready-mixed sealer since the sealer/cross linker mixture can, in the course of time, react even in the canister resulting in the build-up of reactive gases.
  • Add the full contents of the cross linker into PU Sealer, however if partial quantities are to be mixed, always mix sealer and cross linker in a ratio of 10:1 and by adding the cross linker into the sealer.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation but avoid exposure to drafts and strong sunlight during application and drying processes and protect the surface from dust.
  • Turn off under-floor central heating in good time prior to use.
  • Commence work on the side with the main incidence of light (as a rule this is the side of the room where there is a window) and work away from the light source. The reason for this, is because this way it will be possible to keep an eye on the floor during work and immediately correct any problems as they arise.
  • It is recommended to work in good lighting and in sections of 1 metre at a time to avoid the formation of pools as well as rectify them if and as soon as they arise.
  • With newly laid, non-absorbent flooring types, one application is sufficient as a rule, although a second application increases the level of protection.
  • A second application is necessary in the case of linoleum and other absorbent floor coverings.
  • The protective film reaches its final level of hardness after approx. 7 days at normal room temperature

Care Instructions by Floor Type


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PU Sealer

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 Classification Report Fire Behaviour

 Test Report PU Sealer for sports floors EN 14904

 Certification of Compliance PU Sealer “Materials & Objects in contact with food”


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