Inolit Limescale Remover



Special cleaning powder for the removal of limescale, rust marks and hard water deposits from newly-laid floors, acid-resistant tiles and stone surfaces.

Perfect for acid resistant tiles and stone surfaces

 Highly effective cleaning of kitchen and bathroom taps and sinks

Removes limescale, rust and hard water deposits

 Coverage: 10m2/kg



Recommended use

For the removal of limescale, rust marks, urine, soot, cement residue and hard water deposits from acid resistant surfaces and sanity ware such as porcelain sinks, toilets, showers and steel taps as well as ceramic floors, tiles and walls and hard stones such as granite, gabbro and others surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pool environments.

Removal of limescale in kitchen and bathrooms

  1. Wet the surface to be cleaned thouroughly for several minutes.
  2. Spread the powder using a damped cloth, sponge or brush or spread the powder directly onto the moistened surface area.
  3. Give Inolit Limescale Remover a short time to react.
  4. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth or mop and rinse thoroughly with clear water.

Coverage: Up to 10m2/Kg


Inolit Limescale Remover

  • Before application test Inolit Limescale Remover on a unconspicuous area for material fastness.
  • For the treatment of large quantities, wear acid-resistant rubber gloves.
  • Inolit must not be used on acid-sensitive surfaces, e.g. artificial materials and acid-sensitive glazes and enamels.
  • The time of reaction on hard stone like granite, gabbro and others must not exceed 2 hours in order to avoid changes due to the acid development.
  • The cleaning of surfaces with brass pieces has to be carried out before the brass protecting foil is drawn off.


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Inolit Limescale Remover

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