Click Sealer


A high-quality impregnation agent to reduce the risk of surface swelling caused by dampness at the edges of laminate and sealed wood and cork floors.

Reduces swelling

Grease and dirt removal

Coverage: 40m2


Recommended use

For the protection and reduced swelling of laminate flooring coverings (EN 13329-defined) and sealed wood floors.

Regular household cleaning

  1. Shake Click Sealer well before use.
  2. Spread thinly onto the dry floor and work it into the seams using a spatula (made of plastic or high-grade steel-flex).
  3. Thoroughly remove the excess with the spatula.
  4. Polish surface either with a soft cloth or with a disc machine and a white pad, until a uniform sheen is achieved.
  5. After finishing leave to dry overnight before the floor is walked on.

Coverage: 40m2


Click Sealer

  • For floorings with a surface of paper-décor, the application may be reduced due to a possible colour change. Therefore, it is recommended to previously test on a sample.
  • To avoid Click Sealer from drying to soon, always treat only small sections.
  • While drying, due to contact with oxygen in the air, the used cloths or pads could self-ignite in case of heat deceleration. Therefore, leave used cloths or pads spread out or keep them in water or locked up in containers.
  • Footsteps that may appear after drying can be removed by polishing out with a smooth brush.
  • Click Sealer is solvent-based.
  • Ensure sufficient air during and after application of product.
  • Do not inhale product fumes.
  • If Click Sealer has been swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Immediately seek a doctor and show label or product information.


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Click Sealer

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