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  • Clean and Strip


    A super efficient, yet mild special cleaning agent to remove the remains of old care products, scuff marks and stubborn stains as well as adhesive residue on newly installed or heavily soiled vinyl, lino, rubber and resin floors.

    Universal cleaner for all elastic flooring

    Removes old care products and stubborn stains

    Removes scuff marks and adhesive residue

    Coverage: 30-50m2/L

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    Clean and Strip

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  • Elatex Stain Remover


    Universal stain remover for the removal of rubber marks, heel marks, adhesive residue and stubborn stains on any type of floor including carpets as well as upholstery.

    Stain remover from any floor or carpet

    Removes black marks and sticky substances

    Easy spray and wipe process

  • Stone Care


    Concentrated cleaner for the removal of dirt, grime, grease and other micro-organisms on stone and tile floors as well as kitchen surfaces.

     Especially for kitchen and bathrooms

     Removes dirt, grime, grease and slows down regrowth

     High coverage: Up to 1000m2/L

  • Inolit Limescale Remover


    Special cleaning powder for the removal of limescale, rust marks and hard water deposits from newly-laid floors, acid-resistant tiles and stone surfaces.

    Perfect for acid resistant tiles and stone surfaces

     Highly effective cleaning of kitchen and bathroom taps and sinks

    Removes limescale, rust and hard water deposits

     Coverage: 10m2/kg