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  • Floor Cleaner R1000


    Cleans, protects and adds safety to your flooring in one step. Enhances the anti-slip properties, creating a water-soluble protective film which fulfils DIN Norm 18031 for sport floors and is ideal for use after application of hard sealers or polishes such as Floor Shine or Floor Mat.

    Removes Covid-19 residue on floor surfaces

     Maintains slip resistant and protective coatings

    Environmentally friendly

    Coverage: Up to 1000m2/L

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    Floor Cleaner R1000

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  • PU Cleaner


    If you have a vinyl, lino or rubber floor with a factory PU finish then this is the cleaner you need to keep your floor looking simply beautiful. Especially suited to maintain floors treated with PU Sealer, PU Antislip or PU Anticolor.

    Removes Covid-19 residue on floor surfaces

    Removes dirt, fat, grease and shoe marks without leaving a residue

    Maintain floors treated with PU sealers

    Highly efficient and gentle on the environment

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    PU Cleaner

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  • Stone Care


    Concentrated cleaner for the removal of dirt, grime, grease and other micro-organisms on stone and tile floors as well as kitchen surfaces.

     Especially for kitchen and bathrooms

     Removes dirt, grime, grease and slows down regrowth

     High coverage: Up to 1000m2/L

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