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  • Spray Mop Standard Mop Head


    Reusable Mop Head For Spray Mop Standard

    Remove everyday dirt and grime exceptionally using the high quality velcro attached, microfibre mop head for quick and simple daily cleaning of all hard floors.

    Soft microfibre material for wet and dry cleaning

    Machine washable

    Maintains protected surfaces without wear of treatment

    Suitable for wood, vinyl, LVT, varnished floors, stone, plastic, PVC and other water resistant surfaces.

    Ideal for domestic and commercial use

    For Spray Mop Standard

    Refillable spray bottle: Use with SaniSchutz Surface Sanitizer

  • Inolit Limescale Remover


    Special cleaning powder for the removal of limescale, rust marks and hard water deposits from newly-laid floors, acid-resistant tiles and stone surfaces.

     Removes Covid-19 residue on floor surfaces

     Removes limescale, rust and hard water deposits

     Highly effective cleaning of kitchen and bathroom taps and sinks

     Coverage: 10m2/kg


  • Microfibre Spray Mop Cover

  • ScratchNoMore Furniture Glider System

     – The modern furniture glider system from Dr. Schutz, offers the perfect solution to protect valuable floors from scratches and wear. Thanks to its flexibility it can be adapted to every type of chair and other furniture.

     Sustainable and easy to assemble

     Absolutely scratch-free


    For orders or enquiries, please purchase online using the link below or contact Floor Safe on 01582 742434.

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