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  • Clean and Strip


    A super efficient, yet mild special cleaning agent to remove the remains of old care products, scuff marks and stubborn stains as well as adhesive residue on newly installed or heavily soiled vinyl, lino, rubber and resin floors.

    Universal cleaner for all elastic flooring

    Removes old care products and stubborn stains

    Removes scuff marks and adhesive residue

    Coverage: 30-50m2/L

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    Clean and Strip

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  • Turbo Strip


    Ultra-fast and exceptionally effective in stripping surfaces thoroughly and mechanically clean, free from all dust, grease, oil, wax and care films, residues and finishes. Odourless formula.

     Removes hard sealers, polishes and other factory finished care films

     Extremely quick and effective restoration in one step

    Saves time in labour and the cost of replacing floors